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    Teeth whitening

    Experience affordable cosmetic dentistry

    Are you ready to invest in teeth whitening for a brighter smile?

    Whether it’s your first step into cosmetic dentistry, or you’ve recently completed another restorative treatment, teeth whitening is a straightforward and affordable solution for stained or discoloured teeth.

    For those who feel self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth, whitening can help lighten coffee stains, remove cigarette and tobacco discolorations, and correct yellowing in teeth due to ageing.

    There is no universal teeth whitening solution for all teeth. Each individual must be assessed regarding their suitability for treatment. Patients can choose from in-chair or take home options, although your Dental Art St Kilda dentist will advise the treatment pathway which is likely to yield the best aesthetic outcome.

    Teeth whitening products continue to evolve and we search out the best materials available to make selection easy and effective for our patients. We currently offer two whitening solutions, including both in-chair and take home options. Zoom! Whitening and Natural+™ are the two products we currently recommend for teeth whitening.


    Choose dentist-supervised teeth whitening for best results

    Our in-chair teeth whitening occurs here in our St Kilda dental practice and is supervised by one of our dentists. In conjunction with our home kit teeth whitening , we consider a dentist-supervised approach to be the most effective way to achieve results. Here are just a couple of reasons why:

    • You can be certain of proper fitting mouth trays. Often, over-the-counter teeth whitening trays do not fit properly, which can cause the teeth whitening gel to leak. Not only can this result in gum irritation, it also means the treatment is less effective.
    • You can enjoy a more comfortable treatment. There is no need to experience pain, discomfort or even sensitivity with teeth whitening. As part of our enduring commitment to an ideal patient experience, our teeth bleaching and whitening procedures incorporate dentistry techniques that reduce pain during procedures.

    What about home kit teeth whitening?

    If you’re looking for a treatment that offers more control over the amount of whitening, you might prefer a home kit teeth whitening solution. Offering flexibility and the opportunity to tailor teeth whitening program around your lifestyle, a home kit also provides the following benefits:

    • A take home custom-fitted mouth tray means you can whiten teeth for up to a few hours every day or night.
    • Trays can be adjusted to lighten individual teeth.
    • Whitening can be conducted over a period of one to two weeks, providing the chance for more severe stains to be removed.
    Dental Art Dentist in St Kilda

    DentalArt Dentists After Natural Plus Teeth Whitening Treatment

    Here’s what you can expect from Natural+™ teeth whitening

    Natural+™ teeth whitening is strongly endorsed by the team at Dental Art. We even use it ourselves!

    A few of the reasons we love Natural+™ teeth whitening are:

    • There is virtually no sensitivity or side effects during or after the treatment
    • Calcium and fluoride are released during treatment
    • Formulation offers enamel layer protection, as well as reinforcement of dentine
    • Safe, reliable, non-toxic, and ecological (certified).
    • All ingredients added to the hydrogen peroxide (patented formula) are of natural origin
    • Neutral pH formula (maintained even when gel is active)
    • Sustained release of active ingredients (radical oxygen ions), which means the treatment is working the whole time it’s on
    • Immediately visible improvement and long lasting results
    • Effectively treats all types of teeth discolorations and stains, including ‘mottled enamel’ and stains from antibiotics and medications


    Speak to the friendly team at Dental Art to find out which teeth whitening treatment is best for you.

    Dental Art Dentist in St Kilda

    Teeth Whitening at Dental Art

    Naila Wilson
    Naila Wilson
    Came as a tourist for an emergency appointment. Call at eight received one at ten. Friendly dentist low price and great result.
    S.G. Scobie
    S.G. Scobie
    Jessie Jia is a true dental artist! Couldn’t ask for a more caring, honest, and knowledgeable dentist.
    The most knowledgeable and gentle dentist I have ever been to. Hate to say it, but I will be back
    Ross Feltham
    Ross Feltham
    Dr Ramon and the team at dental art I can’t thank you all enough for one off my biggest challenges for myself to have Teeth again by Implants The journey we chose to follow over the last year for what was the best option for my myself and your expertise and knowledge off Dental Implants has given me self confidence to show my smile again which has not been shown for a very long time evan my children can’t believe the change in how I look My sincere thanks Ross Feltham
    Patrizia Schnotalla
    Patrizia Schnotalla
    I had a wonderful experience. I needed a new retainer last minute and Tammy and her team helped me wonderfully. Everything worked out super fast and well! I was able to count on it. I am very grateful for your professional help!
    Amazing staff and service-thank you so much!
    Wade Barnard
    Wade Barnard
    Absolutely amazing experience, I had a aching wisdom tooth for ages with no help from other clinics came to dental art the the team had me back out the door within 10 minutes minus one sore tooth, very professional and super fair pricing, do not look past this clinic they are the best!!
    Kr “Fixifo” Micha
    Kr “Fixifo” Micha
    It was excellent! The wisdom tooth was removed very quickly and without any pain at all! I was incredibly impressed by such a high quality work of a dental surgeon! Thank you very much!